He Divine Calls To Mankind

This chapter includes messages from God to man.


The Divine Calls to Mankind

This chapter includes messages from God to man. They are in the form of reminders and calls from the Creator to the creature (the human being). It reminds man about his origin. It invites him to look at his body, contemplate and think about his departure and return to his Lord.

O mankind! Indeed you are exerting a great effort in this life then returning to your Lord [carrying only your deeds, good or bad].
Quran, 84:6

O mankind! What has deceived you concerning your Lord, the Most Gracious who created you, proportioned you, and balanced you? In whatever form has He willed to compose you.
Quran, 82:6-8

Has there not come upon man a period of time, when he was nothing, not even mentioned?
We created man from a sperm-drop mixture and We gave him the gifts of hearing and seeing.
Verily, We showed him the right path and the wrong path so that We test him to see whether he would be grateful or ungrateful.

Quran, 76:1-3

There is not for man except what he strives for. And the result of his striving will be seen in the Hereafter.
Then he will be fully recompensed for what he did. To your Lord, all things will eventually return.

Quran, 53:39-42