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  • Three Messages from God to You

    It is important to realize the consequences of denying or accepting such an important "divine message" because it is related to your life, death and what would happen to you after death. It is not like any other message.

    It is a message from your Creator, the One who created the universe and all beings. Think about it for a minute.

    Suppose you applied for a job in a big company and you received a letter from a recruiting officer saying that you have potentially been selected.

    Of course, you will be happy, but your happiness will be greater if you received another letter from the director of the human resources department congratulating you for being selected for a well paid job.

    How about if you received a letter from the CEO of that company welcoming you on board? Wow! That letter has a lot of meaning.

    What about your priorities?

    Naturally, you prioritize your commitments in a way that gives higher attention and quicker response to the letter of the highest importance to you.

    Here is another example. Receiving a letter to pay a traffic fine has a certain level of priority and importance to you. But if you received a final notification to pay a fine within 48 hours otherwise tougher actions would be taken against you, then this message obliges you to give it the highest priority.

    Similarly, the final call to board a plane is simply "the final call". If you miss it, you miss your flight and you may not get your money back.

    Investigating the Message?

    It is your duty to investigate the validity of any message you receive and how genuine it is.

    The divine Message you read in this book is related to your relationship with your Creator. It concerns your life. It affects your well being and future.

    If it is really from God, how awful the consequences will be when you meet Him? Can you escape death?

    But, how can I know that the Message is truly from God? What tools I have to investigate the "Divine Message"?

    Well, nowadays we have more sophisticated tools than our forefathers. In the past, life was very simple.

    People used to use their logic for deduction and inference. An Arabic anecdote attributed to a Bedouin shepherd says:
    "if footprints on the ground indicate the one who walked on it, and a dropping of a camel indicates that it came from a camel, then a sky of constellated stars, an earth of vast pathways and oceans of huge waves should indicate the existence of God".

    Today, we live in a digital world of accelerated technological advancements. We can fly anywhere in the world. We can see what we could not see in the past. We have sophisticated computers and tools that can do what we could not do in old times. Today, we have hi-tech tools to identify every person's DNA and eye print.

    We have tools that enable us to communicate with an astronaut on the moon and spaceships going to other planets. We instruments and machines that can tell us the age of a mummy or a manuscript. So, Is it hard to investigate whether a "Message" is true or not? Whether it came from a reliable source or not?

    God showed us signs that indicate His existence. For example, the day and night are the most visible signs that indicate the existance of a superpower that controls them.

    The fact the sun rises and sets at specific times is a great sign for us. Its disappearance and return at specific accurate times without any delay is another sign.

    And how many a Sign within the heavens and earth do they pass by and turn away from them?
    Quran, 12:105

    I will turn away from My Signs those who are arrogant in the earth without any right; If they see every Sign, they will not believe in it. And if they see the way of truth and guidance, they will not adopt it. But if they see the way of error, they will take it on. That is because they denied Our signs and they were heedless of them.
    Quran, 7:146